Izabel Camille jewellery is made with sterling silver (925) and needs to be handled with care.

  • Handle your jewellery with care.
  • Avoid to scratch or drop your jewellery.
  • Stor in airtight plastic bags as exposure to air tarnishes silver jewellery.
  • Remove your jewellery before washing your hands, going for a swim or sunbathing. Avoid any contact with household chemicals, hairspray and perfume to avoid tarnish.
  • Do not go to sleep wearing your jewellery.


Sterling silver (925), goldplated silver  and rhodium plated silver need cleaning to stay beautiful and shiny.

Sterling silver                                                                       
Polish your sterling silver with a soft cloth or soak in lukewarm soapwater. let the jewellery dry completely before wearing or storing in an airtight plastic bag. Clean with silver dip if your silver jewellery is tarnished.

Goldplated silver
The goldplated silver is plated with 18 carat gold. Clean your goldplated silver jewellery with a soft cloth and use silver dip to remove tarnish.

Rhodium plated silver
Rhodium- and goldplated silver both have a plating on top of the silver jewellery which gradually will be worn off. This is unavoidable. Clean your rhodiumplated silver with a soft cloth and use silver dip if necessary.

Replating of silver
Both rhodium- and goldplated silver jewellery can be replated. Izabel Camille recommend to have your silver jewellery replated if the palting has been worn off. Please contact Izabel Camille for information about replating.