PETITE Pendant
8 carat gold

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PETITE pendants with diamonds
Pendants from Izabel Camille with small beads and diamonds made of shiny 8 ct. gold.
The pendant is part of the PETITE collection, which consist of extra small and beautiful pendants that fits to put on our EVERYDAY earrings, style A1048gs-333 or A1600gs-333 8 carat gold.

OBS: the price is for 2 pieces..

Size: 2 x 5 mm.



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Diamond is a transparent mineral and the only stone consisting entirely of a single substance, namely pure carbon. The diamond is the hardest of all stones. The carbon itself is very porous, but when pressed so hard together that it forms diamonds, it becomes so hard that it is sanded only with its own powder.
A large part of the world's diamonds come from South Africa and Congo, but also Siberia, India and Brazil are major manufacturers.

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